Chess in Serbian Schools
Belgrade, September 2006/ January 2007


Following the newly appointed National Education Council`s decisions of September 5, 2006 and January 28, 2007, the introduction of chess into the school curriculum in Serbia received almost unanimous warm reception as well as serious media attention nation-wide.

International Arbiter Nebojsa Baralic is the official Program Coordinator, appointed by Dr Ljubomir Protic, the Director of the Institute for Improvement of Education and Upbringing in Serbia. Other members of the Commission for the Introduction of Chess in Schools include Mrs. Gordana Mitrovic (the Institute), IA Borivoje Zaric (Vice President of the Serbian Chess Federation), IM Nikola Karaklajic (independent chess expert) and FIDE Trainer IM Ivan Markovic, the autor of the syllabi for the first four grades of primary schools.

The official FIDE Chess in Schools Committee publication "Why Teach Chess in Schools?" by professor Uvencio Blanco was extensively used as a reference work during the preparation of the program. Experiences from many countries and projects have been incorporated in the program, with significant contributions from Vojvodina (FMs Bokan, Kapelan & Dekic) and Montenegro (Vojvodic, Lutovac & Ms. Radmila Milosevic).

The textbooks, workbooks and teacher`s books are currently in preparation.