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We ask you to help one young talented man to continue his life!


Twentyfiveyear old Dušan Popović, chess olympic player and state team member, today plays the most important game in his life, GAME FOR HIS LIFE, and only with your help the result will be in his advantage!

Departure of this chess player, who is in top 10 chess players in Serbia, to the European Championship has been unexpectedly canceled due to the cruel game of destiny when both his kidneys stopped working in the middle of March. His health situation is also difficult because of his blood group 0 -, which is the reason why none of the family members could not be the organ donators.

Yet, there is a solution. That's transplantation from unknown donator, which should be performed in Russia. The team of Russian surgeons lead by Dr. Veniamim Gorbunov, nephrologists, will perform the kidney transplantation at the Clinical Hospital 119 at Russian city of Novogorsk. For this operation, financial assets in amount of 70.000 € should be provided.

We ask you to be part of team which will enable Dušan successful continuation of life by making a payment to one of the following accounts:

•  Foreign currency account of Komercijalna Banka with codes:


IBAN code: RS35205200122725837328

•  Serbian dinar (RSD) account of Komercijalna Banka


No : 205-1001525128000-14



Intermediary Bank / Correspondent Bank





Account with institution / Beneficiary's Bank



Street: SVETOG SAVE 14




IBAN / Account Number: RS35205200122725837328

Name: Dusan Popovic

Street: Teodora Pavlovica 1

City, Country : 21000 NOVI SAD , REPUBLIC OF SERBIA



Dušan Popović was born in Sombor on 28th February 1983. He is a forth year student of Economics Faculty in Novi Sad. Dušan is multiple cadet chess winner of Yugoslavia. He is one of the youngest olympic players who made forth best result on his table in Olympic Games in Torino 2006. The same year World Chess Federation officially recognised Dušan as grand master (which is the highest title in chess). At the beginning of 2008, Dušan won the first prize in highly competitive international tournament in Bizovac, Croatia.

We expect that the best Dušan's results are yet to come in the future, and the first one is successful end of health crisis.


Serbia Chess Federation


“Svi za Duleta” team members


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Tournaments "Everybody for Dule"
- Cacak - Rapid Tournament - 28.04.2008.
- Sombor - 13th Vojvodina Rapid Championship - 03.05.2008.
- Beograd, Studentski grad - The Best Blitz Tournamnet - 10.05.2008.
- Nis - Blitz Tournament - 13.05.2008.

Web site about grandmaster Dusan Popovic started working. There you can read all infromations that you need.


Almost There!

Magnus Carlsen and ICC raised 12.000 USD for Dusan Popovic

Thanks to the joint effort of Magnus Carlsen and Internet Chess Club, GM Dusan Popovic is close to finalizing the necessary funds for his medical treatment.

Excerpt from the ICC homepage:

It did indeed turn out to be "Magnanimous" Magnus as the Norwegian teen ace and the Internet Chess Club joined forces last Monday to raise near to $12,000 in the fundraising simultaneous. A big "Thank You" from Magnus Carlsen and ICC to all who donated to the cause!

Carlsen played 25 games during the fundraiser for Popovic. He won 19, drew 5 and lost only one game - to the German correspondence GM Dr. Hans-Joachim Hofstetter.

Alexei Shirov, Viswanathan Anand and Susan Polgar have also contributed tremendously.

Dusan, his family and friends, greatly appreciate all the help and encouragement received from chess players worldwide. Following many requests in our inbox, we asked Dusan about his current condition - "In general, I am feeling okay. I am not able to play football, for example, but I can perform most of my usual activities, except leaving Novi Sad for more than two days, because of dialysis." Dusan is on the hospital's waiting list and the procedure should take place in two or three months.

Do You Want To Play Magnus Carlsen here on ICC? You may remember last year that World Champion Vishy Anand raised $10,000 on ICC for a charity that was close to his heart?  Well, this year rising star Magnus Carlsen has agreed to do a similar fundraising simul at ICC, with 100% of the monies raised going to help a young fellow grandmaster in need of urgent medical treatment.
Serbian GM Dusan Popovic tragically took ill earlier this year and  diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and now is in urgent need of a transplant.  You can read more about Dusan's plight here at
Magnus Carlsen has magnanimously agreed to give of his time by hosting a 30-board simul here on ICC on August 11, starting at 14:00pm ET, to help a fellow player in need.  Details will be coming soon on how you can bid on eBay to play in the simul, and also how you can play here in a qualifier on ICC for a few chekels to win a spot in the simul.  You will also be able to donate a small sum to help the cause.  For those playing in the simul, we will have lots of special "thank you" chess prizes. Watch this space - and please give generously!
(ICC newsletter od 1.8.)


Message of support (and donation of $750!) from World Champion Viswanathan Anand:

I was really saddened when I first heard of GM Dusan Popovic's plight.  At such a young age, he has to confront a serious health condition that needs a lot of courage and persistence to combat. I wish him all the best. As a chessplayer, we all know what it is to fight.  I am sure he will use these fighting skills he would have honed over the chessboard.  

While I know Dusan will be receiving unstinting support from his family and friends, I congratulate Magnus Carlsen in stepping forward in his hour of need with his spontaneous and magnanimous gesture to play on the Internet Chess Club to help the cause. 

It is also nice to see the next generation coming together for a cause that is far greater than the game itself.  It is, as Dusan himself states, to be a "game of life" and I am sure the whole chess community will come together as one to participate and contribute to the fundraising efforts on ICC.  For my part, I personally pledge $750 to the fund and urge everyone to contribute what they can on the day.

My prayers, thoughts and best wishes are with Dusan and his family during this time and I am sure, like me, the chess community  would all wish to see his return to active duty at the chessboard as quickly as possible.

Viswanathan Anand